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The information on this page referes to the BigTest 1.x series. Please refer to the new BigTest website for updated documentation.

Composing Interactors

When defining custom interactors, you may create more complicated interactors by composing smaller ones. By default, nested interactors are not scoped to their parent interactor. This is because there can be situations, like a modal or popover, where the element has been appended to a different part of the document.

@interactor class ModalInteractor {
  // ...

@interactor class SignUpFormInteractor {
  // the default scope is used when a new instance's selector is omitted
  static defaultScope = '[data-test-sign-up-form]';

  // the modal element exists outside of the form
  confirmation = new ModalInteractor('[data-test-modal]');

  // ...

Scoped Interactors

With the scoped property creator, you can create nested interactors that are scoped within the parent interactor. The second argument allows us to specify additional nested properties or even another interactor class entirely.

@interactor class SignUpFormInteractor {
  // ...

  // scoped interactors look for an element within the parent element
  submit = scoped('[data-test-submit]');

  // a hash of other properties may be provided as the second argument
  email = scoped('[data-test-email-field] input', {
    placeholder: property('placeholder')

  // using a class is preferred for maximum composability
  password = scoped('[data-test-password-field]', FieldInteractor);

The collection property creator returns a function that accepts an index and will return a nested interactor for an element at that index. This interactor is lazy just like normal interactors and will not attempt to find the element at the index until interactions run or properties are accessed. When given no arguments, the collection function will return an array of interactors; one for every matching element found at the time it was invoked.

@interactor class SignUpFormInteractor {
  // ...

  // collections also accept additional properties or a class as the second argument
  interests = collection('[data-test-interests-item]"]', {
    toggle: click('input[type="checkbox"]'),
    label: text('[data-test-label]')

Nested Methods and Properties

Nested interactor methods, scoped or not, return instances of the root interactor for additional chaining. Nested properties are still lazily evaluated at the time they're accessed.

let signUp = new SignUpFormInteractor();

// `await` will immediately invoke `#run()`, we could also save a reference
// to this specific interaction to re-use elsewhere
await signUp

// nested interactors may be broken from the parent chain using `#only()`
await signUp.email.only()

// nested properties may throw one of a few "element not found" errors
// => Error: unable to find "[data-test-label]"
// => Error: unable to find "[data-test-interest-item]" at index 10
// => Error: unable to find "[data-test-sign-up-form]"